Step into the Director's Seat

Get ready to take control with Mogul, your new favorite interactive video platform. Customize and change elements in your video anytime, creating a personalized experience that keeps your audience engaged and entertained. It's not just a video, it's an adventure you're steering.

Turn Viewer into Participant

With Mogul, it's all about interaction. Guide your audience through fascinating funnels, decisive trees, and intriguing forms. It's not just about watching anymore, it's about experiencing and participating. Hold the reins and steer your audience towards a journey they won't forget.

Unleash the Power of Data

Data is gold, and Mogul helps you mine it. Collect and utilize viewer data to optimize your content, understand your audience better, and make strategic decisions. It's not just about creating videos, it's about creating smart content that resonates.

Embed or Send Anywhere

Broaden your horizons with Mogul's user-friendly embedding and sharing features. From interactive quizzes to appointment bookings, lead capturing and beyond, you can effortlessly share your engaging videos across the web. With Mogul, it's not just about creating; it's about sharing your unique vision with the world.

Examples and Use Cases

Lead Capture

Interactive video transforms passive viewers into active participants, making your message more memorable and your brand more compelling. So, why settle for telling when you can be showing, engaging, and capturing all at once? Embrace interactive video and turn every view into a potential lead.

Decision Trees

Whether it's predicting behavior, improving customer service, or personalizing marketing strategies, decision trees empower you to make confident, data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision. Embrace decision trees, and let the power of choice drive your success.

PC Configurator

From choosing the right processor to picking the perfect graphics card, interactive video makes the process not just easy, but enjoyable. It's not just about building a PC—it's about creating an experience. With interactive video, you're not just a customer, you're a creator.

Lead Capture

Integrating a lead capture tool into your interactive videos allows you to collect contact information from interested viewers directly. This not only helps you build your customer database, but also enables you to follow up with personalized marketing, increasing the chances of conversion.

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What Can Mogul Do?

Video Customization
Interactive Elements
Real-time Changes
Funnel Navigation
Decision Tree Guides
Engaging Forms
Data Collection
Data Utilization
Video Branching
Interactive Quizzes
Live Revision
Dynamic Storytelling
Personalized Experiences
Content Optimization
Cross-Platform Compatibility
User Analytics
Audience Engagement
Video Sharing
Video Embedding
Lead Capture